Prescription Refill Request

Please Read The Following

The Prescription Refill Request form is for the convenience of our current patients. This helps minimize phone calls and allows our office staff to attend to your needs while you are in the office.

Terms and conditions:

Submitting this form does not guarantee prescription authorization. Please only submit this form if you are a current patient of Woodstream Wellness. Repeated medication refill requests will not be authorized.

Fill in the form clearly with the exact name of the medication, dose, and accurate pharmacy information. Do not call the office to check the status of your request. Please check with your pharmacy if you have any refills left on your last prescription before sending in this request and/or to check the status of your refill after submitting.

Use for this form for medications refill request only. Do not use this for any other purposes. For all other requests, please contact us here. If you need to speak with a member of our staff please call us at (937) 759-0545

It can take 1 -3 days to respond to your request, longer if requested on Fridays or during holidays. Check with your pharmacy about the status of your prescription in 24 – 72 hours. You do not need to call the office. We will let you know if medications will not be called in for any reason/s.