Nick grew up in Cincinnati but has lived a number of places in his life such as Dayton, Chicago and Colorado. He regularly has a creative itch he needs to scratch. If Nick did not have other responsibilities, he would be drawing or playing guitar. Nick loves finding a new book about mindfulness, contemplative practice, or generally any book that helps him improve his practice as a clinician. Learning more about the human experience is one of his favorite things. Nick has been practicing for seven years as a psychotherapist and three years as a case manager.
He is also most excited about the small things in life. When someone makes a home cooked meal, the mannerisms of the people he loves, the present moment, trees…he love trees, the feeling outside when the seasons change, seeing how other people perceive the world we live in…

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am then I can change” -Carl Rogers

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