Hasan was born in Germany and moved to Bagdad, Iraq (where his father was from.) He moved here at age 6 with his mother, brother, and sister and lived in Cincinnati until he entered the US Army 82nd Airborne Division at age 17. Hasan was a Combat Medic in 2nd Battalion of the 508th. He returned to Ohio to attend the University of Cincinnati, and also started a custom home building company (where he and his family currently reside in one of the homes he built.) He went back to school for nursing in 2009 at Sinclair College, obtained his bachelors at Ohio University, and his Master’s at Chamberlain School of Nursing for his FNP. Since Sinclair he worked with Premier Health as an emergency nurse, on the mental health emergency unit, and finally as a provider in Urgent Care. He has been married for over 25 years with 3 children- age 21 Noah, 15 Gabe, and 12 Sara. His hobbies include weight training, mechanics and still dabbling in construction.

Favorite Motto is “know thy self.”

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